On Demand and Flexible storage solutions by godamwale are gaining traction. This new product has leveraged the additional available space with leading warehousing service providers and created an inventory which can be used by the clients as per their requirement in terms of duration and location.

Flexible warehousing is scalable and affordable.

Requirement gathering :-The most important step for availing the service of 3PL or flexible warehousing service provider is the clear and comprehensive understanding of the requirement as this has major impact on the rates quoted by the service provider.So the client has to provide the detailed requirement of warehousing space along with standard operating procedure to be followed by the service provider to prepare for inbound and outbound operation.

The service provider provides quotes on the following parameters:
  • Warehouse Storage and Management Charges:
  • This includes basic storage charges,security and infrastructure cost.The storage charges are calculated on the basis of total pallet position being occupied. 1 Pallet = 25 Sq. Ft.

  • Handling Charges:
  • This includes loading and unloading of pallets where 1 Pallet = 750 Kg or 67 Cu. Ft.

  • Value Added Service:
  • The value added service includes order processing ,packaging,kitting,labeling,barcoding etc.This will be billed extra after detailed analysis of the scope of work.

  • The minimum commitment normally accepted is for 1 month and thereafter prorated on the basis of number of days of operation.
  • We have service providers who work with different minimum pallet guarantee projects.

The goods stored are in a secure environment and managed by professional logistics companies.A detailed list of inventory is maintained for correct accounting.

Godamwale is a warehouse/godown/coldstorage/3PL/On Demand Warehousing discovery platform with 6000+ properties listed on its platform.All these properties are verified and uploaded on our website.